Situated in South Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia and across the street from the Crane Arts building, this three-family structure overlooks a collection of community gardens at the corner of Cadwallader Street and Jefferson Street. The corner is transitional in that the greater area is populated by both operating and converted factories and warehouses.  The built fabric reflects this history in its wildly varying mix of massing, architectural styles, and functions.
HSA provided initial massing and stacking studies investigating different density scenarios.  This data was evaluated by the development team in determining the overall project business plan  The development team determined that fewer, larger units were desirable and that they should each feel more like houses than apartments. The solution stacks two duplex units on top of a ground floor unit with a sleeping loft.  The resulting deep cantilever at the Cadwallader Street facade not only provides an opportunity for a street garden tying into the impromptu gardens at the corner, but also presents a dynamic massing transition responding to the adjacent building that is set back nearly twenty feet from the street. The masses of the two upper duplex units are slid apart creating a light well.