At Hexagon Studio Architects, we like to think that what we are making is a piece of a larger assemblage that could fit no other way.  Natural phenomena follow purposeful patterns purely and simply, efficiently and effectively.  We feel that through this simple, straightforward approach - where every decision is based on something fundamental, and every resolution is an answer to a problem - thoughtful, timeless design is achieved.

To do more with less is the tenant that inspired the name of our practice. Hexagons appear everywhere in nature because they organize space with minimal material.  Our built environment represents an enormous global energy and emissions expense; we aspire to create compelling spaces that minimize their impact on our environment.

When organized, hexagons are inextricably linked to their neighbors; each unit owes its form and existence to those around it.  Viewed in this light, context provides raw material for inspiration: a veritable pool of potential. Recognizing that the constituent parts of a project's conceptual foundations lie in both the physical (such as climate or local vernacular) as well as the intellectual (such as the various collaborators' experiences and backgrounds) provides us with an endless source of generators for contextually driven and appropriate design.

Collaboration is the vehicle that transforms all this wonderful raw material into something useful, rich and novel.  A single-minded design process is inherently limiting and, frankly, boring.  We see all interaction in the design process as collaboration and judge the most successful collaborations by the appropriateness and novelty of the end product.