Bike(Bench)Rack Street Installation

The Bike(bench)rack was commissioned by the New Kensington Community Development Corporation as part of its "Art Rack" program.  This program enlist local designers and artists to design and install bicycle racks as part of the revitalization effort along the Frankford Avenue Arts Corridor running through the Fishtown and East Kensington neighborhoods in Philadelphia.  The bicycle racks would be installed along the corridor, but specific sites for each entry were not designated in the project brief; the individual designs ultimately informed the choice of location.  The project team immediately recognized accessory needs along the corridor including benches for SEPTA's #5 and #25 bus stops. Other accessory needs included trash receptacles, planter boxes, and even small shelters for bus stops.  With this in mind, the design embraced a modular design ethic that could be manipulated to accommodate these multiple accessory needs.  The Art(bench)rack as built represents a prototype of this system.  Since the primary function is a bicycle rack, the module dimensions were established by studying standard bicycle metrics and how bicyclists secure their bikes.  Given the tight budget, construction was kept simple by limiting the materials to universally sized powder coated steel bars, treated lumber, and galvanized carriage bolts.